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Invest In What You Can Measure


Tracking Patient Engagement

We track the delivery and consumption of targeted information down to each patient and across patient populations. At a time when online attention span is measured in seconds, 83% of patients who begin an Emmi® program complete it regardless of length.

Completion Rate by Age:

Age Statistics


Patient Feedback:

Patient Feedback

Information has no value if nobody sees it. What is the completion rate of your paper or web copy? Don't know?

That's a problem.

Completion Rate by Geography:

Geography Statistics


In their words...

"I now know how to take care of my son better and will be ready when he has an asthma attack."

"It sure adds the human touch to the brochures I've read and the online information I've looked at. WOW! Thank you so much. Can you hear me smiling?"

"The support group meets only once a month. Now that I am approaching my surgery date, the Emmi program has given me a resource to turn to as I would a best friend."

Solutions Across Care Settings


All of our solutions are designed to address key business and clinical issues

As we activate, connect and empower patients—we create quantifiable value for a wide variety of leading organizations across the healthcare industry.


For Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers We deliver a measurable return today — helping you drive efficiency, revenues and satisfaction. And we enable organizations to meet the coming broader challenge of population health. More

For Health Plans

Health Plans As payors incentivize providers to more effectively manage member care, we deliver tools for providers to connect, engage and empower members to take on greater roles in treatment. More

For Pharma

Rx We make complex information simple to understand — facilitating handoffs between care settings. For clinical trials, we deliver effective communication to strengthen recruitment, consent and retention. More

Healthcare Economics Are Changing


Adapt to New Models of Care

Volumes and reimbursements are falling. Healthcare organizations must improve quality and efficiency with fewer and fewer resources. Economic incentives are tied to outcomes rather than volume. New models of care are shifting the focus beyond the four walls of the hospital to managing the health of populations.

To meet these challenges, patient engagement and empowerment is crucial. More

Read Our Whitepaper: The Patient Empowerment Framework

Empower People

If you can't engage patients to follow through with their treatment...


If you can't inspire patients to stay loyal to your organization...


If you can't empower patient populations to take steps to improve key outcomes...


Your competition will.


Personalized Support Teams


The Expertise to Build Success

We provide a personalized client experience. From integration, to training, to support, we work with you to deliver on the measurable value you need.

Our team has decades of experience creating change at healthcare organizations large and small. We can help you anticipate common challenges and build a lasting approach to patient empowerment.


We provide:

Integration into your systems and workflow


Onsite training for your staff


A support team to build success from the boardroom to the front-line staff


Front-line patient technical support


Tracking and reporting against your goals