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The triple aim is the catch-all phrase for what healthcare needs to be focused on.


Total engagement supports providers for the near term and the long term.

Healthcare organizations have three business objectives:

  1. To focus on outcomes as healthcare switches from fee-for-service to fee-for-value
  2. To provide a service with high patient satisfaction
  3. To cost-effectively distribute healthcare economics

Total engagement understands the challenges of health systems and has a track record of delivering solutions that effectively address them.

It creates new solutions and innovations that address the needs of an ever-changing market, and can visibly show its impact within an actual client setting.

The Emmi® Total Engagement Platform supports the near-term and long-term objectives of health organizations and supports IHI’s Triple Aim by supporting provider efforts to:

  • Improve patient experience of care
  • Improve the health of populations
  • Reduce the per capita cost of health care

The triple aim also serves a proper summation of all points in which total engagement excels over typical patient engagement solutions.

The Total Engagement Platform that has been shown to repeatedly improve clinical and financial outcomes. It delivers actionable information to patients across the continuum of care, and supports the goals of traditional and emerging health care models. It uses language patients understand and provides tools accessible at their convenience, on devices they already own.

With total engagement, providers can track compliance, measure outcomes, and experience truly effective patient engagement.