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It’s a never-ending goal – improve the patient experience and heighten patient satisfaction.Picture1

We’d like to think the motivation is two-fold:

1.) To put it simply – it’s the right thing to do


2.) It can benefit your organization – in more ways than one.

We don’t really need to elaborate on the first – everyone knows it’s the right thing to create a patient-centered environment where patients feel comfortable and confident about their health and recovery.

However, the results of recent studies may surprise you of just how much improving the patient environment can have on your organization.

For example, a study conducted by Market Insights by National Research Corporation has confirmed a direct correlation between patient experience and an organization’s reputation. In fact, according to the study, “hospitals with low patient experience scores are four times more likely to have poor reputation scores.”

Additionally, enhancing the patient experience can directly impact HCAHPS scores, improving an organizations’ reimbursements.

So it’s clear organizations should focus on patient experience and satisfaction, but how do you actually improve it? What strategies have proven successful?

Again, it’s a simple concept you probably already know – engagement.

Involving the patient in their care can have a measurable impact on satisfaction, and the results of another study prove it.

More than 66,000 HCAHPS surveys were analyzed over a six-year period, from 17 hospitals across the country. The scores of patients engaged in their care with an interactive program were compared with scores of patients who were not.

The result? Patients who viewed a program had demonstrably higher HCAHPS scores.

In fact:

  • 65% of hospitals experienced a +5% improvement in aggregate Top Box Answers
  • 88% of hospitals experienced a +5% improvement in the “Doctor’s Communication” dimension
  • 41% of hospitals experienced a +5% improvement in the “Would you recommend this hospital?” question

Significant improvements at a time when patient satisfaction scores have never been more public and critical to an organization’s financial success.

And, as discussion continues surrounding improving the patient experience, it’s clear engagement and satisfaction go hand-in-hand.

What engagement strategies do you know of that have impacted satisfaction? Let us know in the comments.

And find out more about the 17 hospital HCAHPS study, here.