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Accountable healthcare demands a focus on outcomes. For 12 years, we've built, deployed and measured solutions that engage and empower patients to improve key outcomes.

We achieve this by focusing our energies on three things:

With Emmi you can engage patients when and where they are ready to learn and on the devices they already own. We connect with patients in language they understand with information they can act on. Then we track every patient interaction regardless of device setting or geography through our portal or your EHR. There is no complicated hardware, no software installations, and no version control issues.

Patients forget up to 80% of what their doctor says by the time they reach the parking lot. And between stress and low health literacy, there is no guarantee they understood their care in the first place.

EmmiEngage® supports the clinical conversations they are having with reliable, repeatable, actionable information. Our interactive programs (delivered over the web and to mobile devices) combined with convenient printable materials for "point of care" communication help organizations overcome health literacy and retention challenges throughout the entire continuum of care. We help patients make sense of complex medical information and manage their expectations around diagnostic and surgical procedures, chronic health conditions, the hospital experience, and more.

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Managing a population's health means more than helping people when they are sick. It means driving behaviors that will keep them healthy.

EmmiPrevent® combines the efficiency of automated, interactive calls with the effectiveness of Emmi communication to reach out to people to motivate preventative action. Addressing critical Quality Measures like colonoscopy screenings, mammography, A1c tests and Flu vaccine, EmmiPrevent helps patients understand why their action is needed and proactively connects them with scheduling services.

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Organizations are increasingly accountable for the health of their patients after they have left the close care of clinical staff. Success requires consistent communication with patients across handoffs from one care setting to the next—empowering patients to self-manage, and identifying those patients who are at risk. But clinical staffs are already stretched thin.

Through automated, interactive calls, EmmiTransition® ensures that you can reliably reach out to patients and their circle of care with the messages that matter most. Our technology, delivered in Emmi's empathetic voice, asks key questions and reports responses back each night so that you can focus your staff on the patients that need help most.

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The Patient Empowerment Framework

At the 2015 Congress on Healthcare Leadership, Devin Gross, CEO, will speak with Ken Turner, VP, of University Hospitals about changing behaviors through patient engagement.
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Press Release: 
Emmi Solutions Contracts With the Department of Surgery at The Johns Hopkins Hospital to Provide Interactive Patient Programs 

"These [Emmi] programs engage patients to work together with their care team to improve their overall experience. In an era of increasing expectations and decreasing resources, the use of innovative technology is an integral part of our comprehensive approach to engaging patients and improving the patient experience as a whole"

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Associate Administrator
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