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Driving Outcomes Central to Your Business

At Emmi, our patented technology helps healthcare organizations engage their populations and improve key outcomes.


We achieve this by:

  • Integrating with existing systems and workflows
  • Delivering personalized, interactive health and medical information
  • Tracking and reporting the consumption of that information
  • Ensuring success with unparalleled client service


Integrating into Your Existing Systems and Workflows

Our technology has the flexibility to operate independently, or integrate into a patient or member portal, EMR, data analytics, or other clinical system - No complicated hardware, software or version updates required. 


Personalized, Interactive Health & Medical Information

Our solutions make complicated medical information easy to understand and act on. We reach people at the moment they are ready to learn, and on the device(s) they prefer. And whether it's online, on the go, over the phone, or even on paper—we deliver timely engagement that's easy for people to consume.


Tracking & Reporting

As your target populations engage in their health with our solutions, we track every interaction regardless of device or geography. We deliver reports and offer our expertise to show levels of engagement and how that engagement is helping to meet your business objectives.


The Service to Ensure Success

We understand that success often means fitting into unique workflows, training staff and monitoring for optimization, so more than one-third of our staff is focused on the client experience. You'll have support for implementation, ongoing performance, technical questions, alignment with leadership objectives and more.

"These [Emmi] programs engage patients to work together with their care team to improve their overall experience. In an era of increasing expectations and decreasing resources, the use of innovative technology is an integral part of our comprehensive approach to engaging patients and improving the patient experience as a whole"

Gary Foster
Associate Administrator
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