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Patient Engagement. Real Results.

Emmi delivers empowered people, improved relationships and healthier populations.

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Proven Results

Not only does Emmi® deliver superior patient engagement, we’ve proven it can be a driving force in your business success. Learn how we’ve partnered with leading healthcare organizations to meet their clinical and financial objectives, while empowering people in their health.

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Our Approach

Emmi combines an intimate understanding of people and expertise in behavioral and educational science to successfully engage people to become owners of their health and wellbeing. Our technology-based solutions, expertly designed using a human-centered approach, enable you to empower people to be participants and partners in their care and improve your business performance.

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  • Whether a hospital, health system or healthcare payer, see how leading healthcare organizations are experiencing the power of Emmi in delivering superior patient engagement and improved outcomes.
  • "Every healthcare system across this country is really concerned with patient engagement and improving outcomes and Emmi is a powerful partner in that journey."
    Michael Anderson, MD, MBA Chief Medical Officer,
    University Hospitals
  • "Emmi saves staff time and it helps to prioritize the patients who need us the most."
    Terri Poe, DNP, RN, NE-BC Chief Nursing Officer,
    UAB Medicine