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About Us

With an intimate understanding of people and expertise in behavioral and educational science, Emmi designs technology-based solutions that deliver superior patient engagement. Emmi® programs empower people to become participants and partners in their health and wellbeing and improve the business performance of leading healthcare provider and payer organizations. Learn more.

Our Mission

We believe people are the key to better healthcare and we design the tools that support them. We simplify the process, making care easy to understand and even easier to deliver. We’re changing the quality of healthcare, one interaction at a time.

Core Values

At Emmi, we believe success is defined not only by what we accomplish but also how we conduct ourselves. As our staff and clientele continue to grow, it is essential to define who we are, what can be expected of us and what we expect of ourselves. These are the core values we live by:

  • Deliver exceptional client service
  • Create innovative solutions that solve real problems
  • Approach every encounter with respect and understanding
  • Foster an energetic, imaginative and collaborative environment
  • Represent a passion for and commitment to making a meaningful difference in healthcare

Learn more about how Emmi can help Hospitals and Health Systems, Healthcare Payers, and Ambulatory Care Providers.