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IMG_2325 Jordan Dolin, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman

Patient engagement is a critical element for all new models of care.

In order to bend the cost curve and ultimately transform the ailing U.S. healthcare system, organizations need to find more cost-effective ways to manage the health of large populations.

Regardless of whether it comes in the form of an Accountable Care Organization, a Patient Centered Medical Home, or any model that involves taking on the economic risk associated with caring for a group of individuals, there are a number of common themes.

First, is the need to extend the reach and efficacy of caregivers.
Clinicians don’t have the bandwidth to connect with patients as often as they would like or as frequently as is needed to achieve the desired impact. Providers need tools that allow them to deliver accurate, actionable information to all of their patients in a cost-effective and engaging manner. As a result they could not only consistently engage far more patients, but could have more time to spend on delivering care to the patients who need it most.


Secondly, patients need access to tools and information that allow them to take an active role in their care. Patients are the most underutilized resource in healthcare. They want and need to be

more greatly engaged in their health care, but can’t do so without the proper tools and support.

Lastly, providers must achieve patient centric engagement across the continuum of care.

If the goal is to put patients at the center of care, then engagement efforts must be designed with their convenience in mind. Patients need tools that allow them to be engaged on their terms, when and where they choose, and on the devices they already own. This type of flexibility can range across the entire continuum of care, benefiting both patient and provider, regardless of care setting or context.

At Emmi Solutions® , we have been providing effective tools that address these current market challenges, for more than 10 years. I invite you to see for yourself how we hit each mark.