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It’s that time of year again - October is Health Literacy Month!

This year, Engaging the Patient will share daily blog posts not only from notable health literacy experts like Michael Wolf and Paul Smith and organizations like Health Literacy Missouri, but also from patient and caregiver point of view.

In fact, one of this year’s themes will focus on Health Literacy and Caregivers.


You’ll hear from people like Randi Redmond Oster, a mom whose son has Crohn’s Disease. And in a follow-up to last year’s article on cost, Casey Quinlan and Jeanne Pinder provide help for consumers as they confront Healthcare Cost Literacy.

Health Literacy Month on Engaging the Patient will kickoff on Tuesday, October 1st. You can also keep updated with news on health literacy, patient engagement and other topics by following our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Happy Health Literacy Month!