Emmi Solutions Shares Best Practices and Outcomes at Patient Experience Summit - Emmi

May 19, 2014

Emmi Solutions Shares Best Practices and Outcomes at Patient Experience Summit

Healthcare Leaders Explore Key Healthcare Strategies at Annual Conference

CHICAGO, IL – May 19, 2014 Emmi Solutions, a leader in outcomes-driven patient engagement, will be leading multiple discussions and presenting original research at Cleveland Clinic’s “2014 Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit”. The conference brings together patient experience leaders, healthcare CEOs, nursing leaders, policy makers and major stakeholders for presentations, debate and candid discussion of key strategies that drive patient experience and engagement.

On May 20th, Emmi Solutions CEO Devin Gross is co-presenting with Raphaela O’Day, PhD, Behavioral Scientist, Wellness and Prevention of Johnson & Johnson on the topic, “Leveraging Technology to Activate and Empower Patients”. The presentation looks at successful strategies for fostering desired patient actions via communication technologies. On the following day, Geri Lynn Baumblatt, Editorial Director of Emmi Solutions, is leading a session discussion with Corey Siegel, MD, of Dartmouth-Hitchcock titled, “Collaborating to Create Empathic Patient Engagement Tools: How Effective Communication Tools Reduce Anxiety & Improve Outcomes”. Baumblatt and Siegel will review patient tools that help put patients at ease and resulting success indicators (i.e. reducing appointment no-shows, patient feedback) while also highlighting how this design approach is now being applied to decision aids to help people reach a state of calm deliberation during Shared Decision Making. Also on May 21st, Emmi Solutions will be presenting findings from a six-year study of HCAHPS data across 17 hospitals that revealed patients who had viewed a web-based interactive program gave higher scores.

“Being part of Cleveland Clinic’s annual event to discuss innovations and milestones in the field is invaluable to understanding the full potential of engaging people in their own health,” said Devin Gross, CEO of Emmi Solutions. “After starting our company in 2002 when patient engagement wasn’t even a topic of discussion, it is gratifying to see how much it has grown to become an essential metric for success.”

As the world’s largest independent summit exclusively focused on improving the patient experience, the “2014 Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit” attracts more than 1,600 attendees from around the world. The conference takes place from May 18th – May 21st in Cleveland, OH.

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