Emmi Solutions Supports Providers and Payers Participating in Accountable Care Organizations - Emmi

May 8, 2014

Emmi Solutions Supports Providers and Payers Participating in Accountable Care Organizations

Effectively Communicating About New Models of Care

CHICAGO, IL – May 8, 2014 Emmi Solutions, a leader in outcomes-driven patient engagement, continues to support healthcare providers and payers during the industry’s shift towards new models of care with a newly launched program that educates patients on the value of participating in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).The web-based interactive program, “Introduction to ACOs,” viewable on computers, tablets or smart phones, utilizes simple language and compelling visuals to engage the viewer. The program educates individuals on their role in ACOs by explaining how their physician or caregiver relationships may evolve and the benefits to be gained to their continuum of care.

ACOs create incentives for healthcare providers to treat an individual across care settings, such as physician practices, hospitals, and long-term care facilities and individuals may initially be confused when learning of the new approach. The “Introduction to ACOs” program is a supplemental communication tool for providers and payers as they inform their populations of the shift and seek to make them comfortable with the internal organizational changes being put in place to usher in a fee-for-value system.

“ACOs help to improve coordination among healthcare providers whether it is increasing operational efficiency, reducing avoidable hospitalizations and readmissions or boosting patient satisfaction,” said Devin Gross, CEO of Emmi Solutions. “Effective communication between providers and their patients are essential for these new models of care to successfully lower costs and improve outcomes as they are intended.”

To learn more about Emmi Solutions, visit: www.emmisolutions.com/solutions

To view a clip of the “Introduction to ACOs” program, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B8HuZpHKNQ&feature=youtu.be