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November 5, 2015

Emmi to Enhance Care and Wellness for Yale New Haven Health System

Advanced Engagement Platform Will Support a Patient-Centered Model

Chicago, IL – Nov. 5, 2015 – Emmi, provider of superior patient engagement solutions for healthcare organizations,  is providing its technology-based solutions to Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS) to support communication with patients and empower them to manage their health and wellbeing. YNHHS, based in New Haven, Conn., includes three hospitals— Bridgeport, Greenwich and Yale-New Haven Hospitals, several specialty networks and Northeast Medical Group, a non-profit medical foundation with several hundred community-hospital-based physicians. 

The partnership reflects YNHHS’ long-standing history of providing optimum care supplemented by the use of innovative technologies, as evidenced by being named a “Most Connected Hospital” by U.S. News and World Reports. That designation recognizes medical institutions on the forefront of using digital technology and providing clinical excellence. So far, YNHHS and Emmi have contacted more than 17,000 patients with health services information and will continue to collaborate on improved health outcomes for our community.

“Our unique approach, which combines behavioral and educational science and human-centered design, enables us to connect with people in ways they understand and can relate to, while fostering an emotional connection between YNHHS and the people they serve over time,” said Devin Gross, CEO of Emmi. “By choosing to use our interactive programs and interactive voice response calls, YNHHS understands that accessible, reliable information is a key component of their care model.”

Emmi® interactive programs and calls enhance doctor-patient relationships by providing understandable and actionable information at times the patient wishes to receive it. Through plain language, simple graphics and friendly narration, Emmi programs help people make sense of complex medical information, reducing anxiety and empowering patients. The web-based programs can be shared with family and friends, guiding individuals to have meaningful conversations about their health with all involved in the process.

To learn more about Emmi, visit emmisolutions.com.

About Yale New Haven Hospital System
YNHHS, the largest and most comprehensive healthcare system in Connecticut, is recognized for advanced clinical care, quality, service, cost effectiveness and commitment to improving the health status of the communities it serves.

About Emmi
Emmi delivers superior patient engagement solutions by combining an intimate understanding of people with expertise in behavioral and educational science. Emmi® interactive, web-based programs and automated call campaigns, expertly designed through a rigorous development process and a human-centered approach, provide a scalable way for healthcare organizations to engage individuals to be participants and partners in their care, while improving operational and financial performance. Emmi creates empowered people, improved relationships and healthier populations. For more information, visit emmisolutions.com, or follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.