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November 2, 2015

New Emmi Program Makes Health Insurance Easy to Understand

Using unique approach, Emmi creates program healthcare organizations can deploy during Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment

Nov. 2, 2015 – Chicago – Four out of five Americans can’t correctly calculate how much they owe for routine doctor visits under their health insurance plan, according to data from the American Institutes for Research. Despite that, 75 percent believe they do know how to use health insurance, pointing to a knowledge gap that is especially important to address during Health Insurance Marketplace open enrollment beginning Nov. 1. With a newly released Emmi® program, healthcare organizations and providers now have an easier, more effective way to give their members and patients the information they need to make informed decisions about health plans.

Emmi, provider of superior patient engagement solutions, has released its new web-based, interactive program, “Health Insurance: What You Need to Know.” The program is designed with Emmi’s unique approach, allowing patients to more easily understand the components of their plan or make better informed choices about what plan is best for them, from both health and financial perspectives.

Designed for multiple learning styles, the program uses plain language and compelling visuals to guide viewers through the basics of health insurance, applying Emmi’s proven approach that helps empower individuals to take ownership of their health decisions. In addition, Emmi is making the program free for viewing for a limited time to support healthcare organizations’ use for members and patients. Individuals can view the program on computers, tablets or smart phones by accessing the link below. With Health Insurance Marketplace open enrollment commencing, now is the time many people will be seeking more information about the basics of health insurance to help them make the right plan decisions. The open enrollment period ends Jan. 31, 2016.

“There’s no question that health insurance can be confusing,” said Shara Cohen, Emmi’s Senior Vice President of Client Experience. “Individuals can’t be empowered to take ownership of their care if they don’t understand the basics of how to get that care. That’s why we want to give people the information they need in an easy-to-understand way so they can better navigate their decision. They will be more likely to use their health plan in the best way possible to improve their own care if they choose the plan that’s right for their unique situations.”

“Choosing your health insurance can be a confusing and complex process,” said Anne McVay, RN, quality manager at Tenet Healthcare in Dallas. “Emmi’s video makes this process simple and easy-to-understand for all.”

Emmi spent the month of October spotlighting the importance of health literacy and how to improve patients’ knowledge about healthcare on its blog. Every individual’s literacy skills, languages, age, cultural contexts and emotional responses can affect how a person absorbs, responds to and acts on health information, including insurance information. Emmi’s human-centered design approach takes all these factors into account to produce programs that are simple and effective.

Watch “Health Insurance: What You Need to Know” until Nov. 30. To learn more about Emmi, visit

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