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September 19, 2017

Emmi Launches New Rules-Based Product to Automate Personalized and Dynamic Conversations Over Time and Across Entire Populations

First product release generates more than 1 million possible conversations to support an individual’s unique needs in managing diabetes

Chicago, IL — Sept 19, 2017 — Emmi, a leader in interactive patient engagement solutions, today announced the launch of its new EmmiSmartTM product, created to help healthcare organizations deliver highly personalized conversations over time to large populations of patients. The product is designed to help optimize clinician and staff time, extend their reach and improve care, while giving patients the most appropriate help and support they need to manage their health.

EmmiSmart programs use a proprietary set of rules and algorithms to analyze data, individual behaviors, interaction patterns, and expressed preferences to change a variety of conversational elements including information, tone, pace, and frequency. As a person’s needs change, the conversation will self-adjust to deliver more relevant support. Data captured during each conversation is reported back to the clinical team, helping them understand how patients are progressing, and who might need more dedicated help.

“Today it’s more important than ever for clinicians to have an ongoing conversation with their patients, especially outside of the clinical setting. But with competing demands and large patient populations, it can be difficult to give each person the individualized support they need,” said Greg Blew, vice president, design and product management, at Emmi. “Technology can help, but one-size-fits-all solutions don’t always address the individual’s needs. Our new capabilities, combined with our unique approach to designing conversations, delivers personalization at scale, helping clinicians optimize their time while also enabling them to build an ongoing relationship with each patient.”

The first product release helps patients manage diabetes. The EmmiSmart diabetes program uses data to trigger an automated, longitudinal conversation with people that adapts based on how they interact with the series. The program includes a rules engine that generates more than 1 million possible conversation pathways, providing people with personalized content and support specific to their needs and based on a variety of variables such as their individual care plan, progress, interests and time of the year. The program addresses the most critical needs for a patient to successfully self-manage their condition, including: medication support/adherence, appointment scheduling/follow up, blood glucose tracking, mental health, stress management and lifestyle activities that have an impact, such as nutrition, exercise and sleep. EmmiSmart for diabetes enables communication through each individual’s preferred channels and also provides clinicians with regular reports so they can track how patients are doing outside of the clinical care setting.

Approximately 30 million Americans1 are currently living with diabetes, and another 84 million with prediabetes. Together, these conditions cost the American health system $322 billion a year. Controlling the condition is the key to containing costs, reducing complications and maintaining a high quality of life, yet managing diabetes is unique to each individual. Time and resource constraints make it challenging for clinicians to manage their entire population, while supporting the needs of individuals. This new program fulfills this need, enabling providers to scale their outreach to engage their entire population, while also providing each individual with the personalized and relevant information they need to take action.

“For the millions of Americans living with diabetes, managing can often be overwhelming and intimidating. While following care plans are crucial for the best outcomes, engaging patients in their care requires a thoughtful strategy and approach to support self-management, because each person and their needs are different,” said Sarah Sherman Ferguson, MS, BSN, ACNS-BC, BC-ADM, CDE, one of the program advisors. “From the initial diagnosis, patients must feel equipped with the right information and tools to take a more active role; technology can help clinicians extend their reach to provide patients with the personalized support they need.”

Designed with input from patients, clinicians, a dietician and health economics expert, EmmiSmart for diabetes seamlessly fits into existing workflows, making it easy to use and complementary to delivery of high quality care. In addition, the new diabetes program integrates with other Emmi products and programs, to create a consistent, cohesive experience across the continuum to drive better engagement.

EmmiSmart for diabetes is now available to hospitals, health systems and health plans looking to optimize staff time and better manage populations for improved outcomes. Contact us for more information.


1American Diabetes Association, http://www.diabetes.org/diabetes-basics/statistics/infographics/adv-staggering-cost-of-diabetes.html

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