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Helping people take an informed step in their right direction through shared decision making, EmmiDecide® is a suite of online, interactive decision aids that help improve preference-sensitive decision making. In a comforting, conversational way, the programs walk people through treatment options associated with a condition or procedure, increase knowledge, reduce decisional conflict and help balance values and choice.

And, by driving shared decision making, EmmiDecide facilitates more meaningful conversations between patient and provider. As individual interactions with EmmiDecide programs are documented and tracked, clinicians can easily assess the patient’s questions and treatment concerns.

How EmmiDecide Helps

  • Simplifies complex treatment options
  • Explains risks and benefits
  • Helps balance treatment options with personal values and preferences
  • Facilitates more meaningful conversations with providers
  • Drives informed decisions about treatment


Shared decision making helps people choose treatments that match their personal preferences. For example, people suffering with chronic hip, knee or back pain report that they are leaning toward less invasive treatment options after participating in shared decision making.1

1EmmiDecide Chronic Low Back Pain, Knee Osteoarthritis, Hip Osteoarthritis Online Patient Survey: May 2010 – May 2014.

  • 88% of viewers have a better sense of which treatment option is right for them
  • 30% of viewers are now leaning away from aggressive treatment options


Watch an EmmiDecide Clip on Chronic Low Back Pain



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EmmiDecide decision aids engage members in their treatment decisions, helping healthcare payers and providers increase appropriate utilization of care services and reduce costs.

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