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Engaging people in their health while driving business results

The clinical and financial success of healthcare organizations depends on engaged populations that partner and participate in their health and wellbeing. But effectively engaging people in their health cannot be accomplished through clinical interactions alone. At every point along the care continuum, people need consistent, easy-to-understand health information that not only increases their knowledge, but also motivates them to take action and gives them the tools and confidence necessary to do so.

What is EmmiEngage?

EmmiEngage® is an extensive collection of online, multimedia programs that use empathetic voice, compelling animation and conversational language to simplify complex information, motivate action and improve outcomes. EmmiEngage programs enable self-management, drive behavior change and help people partner and participate in their health.

EmmiEngage programs help people at every point along their healthcare journey, from preventive care to chronic condition management and procedure preparation. The programs can facilitate shared decision making and activate patient involvement - helping people understand what they need to do, why they need to do it and empowering them with the confidence and tools necessary to take action.

Emmi® programs can be watched on any device with Internet access, including computers, smartphones and tablets. People can start, stop and watch the programs as often as they like, at any time they prefer and can share them with family and friends.

Interactions with EmmiEngage are tracked and reported back to our clients helping to enable enhanced clinical conversations. And prescribing Emmi programs is a simple, automated process – allowing providers to scalably extend their resources while effectively engaging people in their health.

Proven Results

EmmiEngage optimizes provider resources and improves patient knowledge, motivates action and engages people to become owners of their health and wellbeing.


Watch an EmmiEngage Clip

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