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What is EmmiPrevent?

Using interactive voice response (IVR) technology, EmmiPrevent call campaigns scalably explain the importance of preventive care and drive people to take action. Our unique approach, including the conversational Emmi® voice and the same rigorous development process as our Emmi programs, enables EmmiPrevent to help people effectively learn more information about a health topic, transfer to scheduling or update their records.


EmmiPrevent supplements Emmi programs by building upon an individual’s education to drive action. Interactions with EmmiPrevent are documented and reported back to providers, so you know who’s taken the desired action and who requires additional follow up. 

Listen to an EmmiPrevent Call

This is a short preview of an Emmi® program. Contact us to learn more about this program and the others we offer to deliver superior patient engagement.

Proven Results

1 Patients who followed up with schedule or fax: 24 / 105 = 22.8%
2 Summa provided Emmi with patient data for 289 patients and Emmi was able to report that 57 of them had incorrect phone numbers and 34 had the wrong doctor, improving accuracy of the Summa data base. (57 + 34) / 289 = 31.4% of patients

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EmmiPrevent optimizes provider organization resources and helps them effectively manage population health and improve outcomes.

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