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Scalably empower patients to manage their health post-discharge

Within the first three weeks of a care transition, 20% of patients experience an adverse event1, so it’s simply insufficient to send them home with discharge instructions. Instead, healthcare providers need to engage patients and their caregivers consistently during the care transition process, reinforcing instructions, explaining the importance of self-management and motivating behavior change.

However, doing this manually would require an extensive amount of resources. EmmiTransition® multimedia programs and interactive phone calls help healthcare organizations conduct post-discharge outreach effectively and scalably, helping to support successful recoveries and improving clinical and financial outcomes.

What is EmmiTransition?

EmmiTransition is a powerful combination of online, multimedia programs and automated phone calls that interact with people at key points during the care transition process. EmmiTransition asks self-reporting questions regarding patient status, enables self-management and drives healthy behaviors.

Additionally, EmmiTransition calls are combined with select Emmi® programs to not only explain why taking action during recovery is essential, but give them the direction, tools and confidence to do so.

Interactions with EmmiTransition are tracked and reported back to the provider, notifying them if patients may be at risk of readmission. All outreach is automated – allowing hospitals and health systems to scalably extend their reach with patients post-discharge without requiring additional resources from staff.

Listen to an EmmiTransition Call

This is a short preview of an Emmi® program. Contact us to learn more about this program and the others we offer to deliver superior patient engagement.

Proven Results

EmmiTransition optimizes provider resources – cost-effectively engaging patients in ways manual outreach alone could not sustainably replicate.2

1 "Preventing Hospital Readmissions: A $25 Billion Opportunity." National Priorities Partnership.
2 Data captured from 27 hospitals from June 2013 through April 2015 with a sample size of 13,086 patients.

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