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Bariatric Program Suite

Obesity is one of the most costly preventable conditions in the U.S. and, because the condition is often debilitating, it results in $4.3 billion in work absenteeism-related costs each year.1 As obesity rates continue to rise, the risk of suffering co-morbidities increases exponentially, requiring healthcare payers to consider cost-effective, scalable resources to manage obese member populations.

The Program Suite

The Bariatric Program Suite is designed to help improve the quality of life of your members and decrease costs associated with bariatric conditions by increasing understanding of how they can be prevented, managed and treated. It includes the following programs:

Procedure Preparation

  • Anesthesia
  • Duodenal Switch
  • Gastric Banding (Adjustable)
  • Gastric Bypass - Laparoscopic
  • Gastric Bypass - Open
  • Lap Band - 4 to 6 Weeks Post-Op
  • Lap Band - 6 Months Post-Op
  • Lap Band - Adjustments
  • Lap Band Surgery
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy


  • Family Nutrition
  • Nutrition

Shared Decision Making

  • Bariatric Informed Decision Making


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2 Emmi's survey of 1,746 program viewers from January 1, 2014 – January 1, 2015
3 "Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost by State: 2014." Bariatric Surgery Source.

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