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The Eight Elements of Effective Patient Engagement

Engaging and motivating people in a meaningful way is a difficult undertaking. However, when it is done effectively, it’s an investment well worth making. Patient engagement can improve operational efficiencies, patient adherence and patient satisfaction. This Ebook examines eight elements essential to achieving effective patient engagement.

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The Patient Empowerment Framework

The healthcare industry is changing. Every day it becomes more vital to get patients to take active roles in their care. Patient empowerment is a critical component to operating profitably in this new world. This framework provides a model to help organizations make informed decisions about the future of our businesses and our industry.

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Prioritizing Patient Engagement: A Strategy for ACO Success

While Accountable Care Organizations are strongly incentivized to reduce costs and improve quality, there is often a lack of clarity surrounding patient engagement and its ability to help ACOs meet these key business objectives. This white paper examines the effectiveness of engagement for ACOs and its need for appropriate prioritization amongst other strategic priorities.

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Improving the Patient Experience: Investing in Mission and Margin

Improving the quality of the care experience is critical for the success of healthcare organizations. Specifically, for hospitals and health systems, there are clear clinical and financial incentives to investing in the patient experience. This whitepaper examines how provider organizations can effectively engage patients to positively improve experiences and outcomes.

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Improving the Member Experience: Strategies for Healthcare Payers

Improving the quality of the member experience is critical for the success of healthcare payers. This whitepaper examines how payer organizations can effectively engage their members to build relationships, manage health and wellness as well as positively impact financial and clinical outcomes.

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The New Surgical Episode of Care and the Importance of Patient Engagement

As our nation’s healthcare delivery system moves toward a value-based payments model, new regulations are creating a dizzying array of payment strategies. These strategies aim to turn surgical “one-offs” into holistic episodes of care that include tailored communication in and outside of the clinical setting. 

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Enhancing Communication to Reduce Risk

The research is in: most malpractice lawsuits are not about negligence. They're about breakdowns in communication and rapport between patients and clinicians. Healthcare organizations without a proactive plan to address patient communication face an unnecessary double burden of high reinsurance premiums and a high number of claims. This white paper explores the methods and value of communicating with patients clearly and consistently.

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Patient Engagement as a Quality Improvement Strategy

It's been a decade since the Institute for Healthcare Improvement proved that America's talent for cutting-edge medical innovation did not ensure routine quality care. Since then, the quality movement has strived to improve and standardize the care delivered to every patient. But it's becoming clear that clinical excellence alone is not enough to reduce readmissions, improve patient safety and achieve optimal outcomes—patients have a role to play in improving outcomes. This white paper examines the methods and benefits of using patient engagement as a strategy to improve quality.

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Engaging Patients Leads to a Healthy Bottom Line

Patient satisfaction is undeniably an important topic for America's healthcare organizations. With the public availability of HCAHPS scores, healthcare organizations must focus on the patient experience simply to remain competitive. But what is the real value of improving patient satisfaction, and what steps can organizations take to improve their scores? This white paper examines the power of patient engagement to improve satisfaction and impact the bottom line.

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Motivating People to Take Action: Improving Population Health with Technology

Preventive screenings and immunizations are among the most important and simplest ways to help patient populations stay healthy. However, patients need to be encouraged and reminded to take action in scheduling and attending these screenings. This white paper explores how through the use of technology healthcare providers can better manage the health of their patient populations.

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Driving Quality Care Transitions: Strategies to Improve Operations & Outcomes

Patient engagement is a critical element of successful transitions of care. Without it, patients are improperly educated about their condition and inadequately prepared to self-manage. Healthcare organizations need effective and scalable ways of engaging patients post-discharge.

This Ebook examines approaches utilized by four leading healthcare organizations to engage patients post-discharge and improve both clinical and financial outcomes.

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