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Healthcare organizations need cost-effective, scalable ways to engage people in their care. Our expertly designed, award-winning products help you extend your reach, optimize your resources and empower people to take ownership of their health and wellbeing.


EmmiEngage® online, multimedia programs simplify complex medical information, manage expectations and increase patient knowledge, allowing for more effective and satisfactory health experiences and improved outcomes.

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A powerful combination of online, multimedia programs and automated phone calls, our EmmiTransition® solutions encourage self-management, motivates positive behavior change and notifies providers of people potentially at-risk for readmission – extending the efficacy of providers in engaging patients as they transition home.

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Our EmmiPrevent® solution combines the efficiency of automated, interactive phone calls with the effectiveness of EmmiEngage programs to extend the reach of care teams and engage people outside the care setting.

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EmmiDecide® interactive decision aids facilitate shared decision making in preference-sensitive situations, helping members balance their choices with their values and take informed steps in their right direction, leading to improved outcomes and greater satisfaction.

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Payer Program Suites

Payer Program Suites, a collection of interactive, multimedia programs, target key conditions and specialties that drive up costs for payers and scalably engage their entire risk-stratified member population to drive action and improve outcomes.

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Extend Your Reach

Emmi® products work in tandem to help hospitals, health systems and other provider organizations extend the reach of care teams and achieve their unique business objectives.

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Partnering with Emmi is simple, and using our solutions is even simpler. Take the next step and learn how Emmi can help your organization.

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