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Custom Solutions


We know patient engagement challenges are not all the same. At times, you may target one specific challenge or several. That’s why we have a team dedicated to helping customize our solutions to meet your objectives.


Custom Studio

Our custom studio helps you leverage our human-centered design approach and expertise to engage people in their health and wellbeing. Our creative team will consult with you to identify your unique challenges and determine how they can be solved.

Once the challenge and best approach is identified, they will tailor the functionality of our technology, products and product library to create a custom solution specifically for your organization.

How We Help

Leveraging Emmi® online, multimedia programs, interactive call campaigns and the creation of custom surveys, our custom studio solves complex challenges, including:

  • Improving clinical trial recruitment and retention
  • Effectively educating people about specific prescription drugs, medical devices or products
  • Creating custom videos or programs that leverage our human-centered design approach

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