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Like any business, hospitals and health systems are challenged to reduce costs and drive revenue in order to improve their operational and financial performance. However, as the industry shifts from fee-for-service to fee-for-value, neither goal is effectively achieved without actively engaging the very people these organizations serve.  Emmi® programs can help organizations scale their engagement efforts efficiently and effectively. 


Consumers are powerful partners in the success of a hospital or health system, making careful, comparative decisions about where to receive health services. Not only do provider organizations need to stand out from their competition, they need to deliver a positive patient experience and communicate the value they place on providing patient-centered care.


Financial success depends on streamlining operations while simultaneously improving the quality of clinical services and outcomes. By engaging people in their health, hospitals and health systems create informed, empowered and motivated populations that take action in their care – enabling these organizations to optimize the utilization of their clinical staff to the highest level of their credentialing, and scale their valuable resources to reduce unnecessary costs.


  • "Every healthcare system across this country is really concerned with patient engagement and improving outcomes and Emmi is a powerful partner in that journey."
    Chief Medical Officer,
    University Hospitals
    Chief Nursing Officer,
    UAB Medicine

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