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population health management

Managing a population’s health means more than helping people when they’re ill – it means driving behaviors that will keep them healthy. Addressing critical quality measures like Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visits, colonoscopy and mammography screenings and flu vaccines can help healthcare organizations improve patient health and build relationships outside the clinical setting. Yet, the manual resources required to do this effectively are often costly and in short supply.


With Emmi® multimedia programs and interactive calls, healthcare organizations can conduct scalable, personalized outreach to patients outside of the clinical setting to effectively engage entire populations - without requiring additional staff resources. Emmi helps organizations to utilize staff appropriately, maximize outreach, measure effectiveness and empower people to take ownership of their health.


By conducting scalable, effective outreach, hospitals and health systems can extend their resources, build relationships and drive patient action.

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  • 47% of targeted population reached to drive mammogram screenings
  • 43% of patients that transferred to scheduling, completed their mammogram

Here's what we recommend

Combining the efficiency of automated, interactive phone calls with the effectiveness of online, multimedia programs to scalably engage people in their health and wellbeing and support population health management.

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