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Value-based care

Higher quality, better outcomes, lower cost.  In today's evolving healthcare landscape, achieving success in value-based care requires delivering a positive experience to patients who are informed, engaged and motivated to be active partners in their care. Organizations must find ways to create and sustain ongoing relationships with the people they serve. Yet, when resources are already stretched thin, providers need resources and tools to help them extend their reach in and beyond the clinical care setting. 

Emmi can help. 


Engaging people in their health requires explaining what they need to do, why they need to do it and effectively motivating them to take action. However, with already strained resources, providers aren’t always able to do this effectively or efficiently – especially when it involves engaging patients outside of the clinical setting.

Emmi® multimedia programs and interactive calls can help extend the reach of care teams to engage and build relationships with patients - reinforcing important information, driving adherence to care plans, motivating preventive action, improving appropriate use of care in preference-sensitive treatment decisions, and helping maintain contact during care transitions. 


  • "We believe in engaging patients to monitor and keep track of how they're doing once they leave the hospital, and Emmi helps us do that in ways that we weren't able to do before."
    Benjamin Taylor, MD, MPH SVP Clinical Effectiveness &
    Associate Chief Medical Officer,
    UAB Medicine

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