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New models of care, managing the health of populations, demonstrating improved outcomes and quality and enhancing the patient experience — just a few of the challenges faced by hospitals and health systems today.  No matter the situation, engaging patients in their health is increasingly important in helping organizations achieve their business goals. Yet, with competing demands and limited resources, providers are already stretched thin.  Emmi can help. 

Emmi is a virtual member of the care team that extends relationships with providers, delivering guidance, gathering patient data, providing clinicians with visibility beyond the clinical setting and motivating people to take appropriate action related to their health. Emmi® multimedia programs and interactive calls help hospital and health systems engage people in their health across the care continuum to support their goals.

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Population Health
Value-Based Care
Care Transitions

Mike Anderson, MD, MBA Chief Medical Officer,
University Hospitals
Terri Poe, DNP, RN, NE-BC Chief Nursing Officer,
UAB Medicine
Jeff Sunshine, MD Chief Medical Information Officer,
University Hospitals

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