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The transition from fee-for-service to fee-for-value brings a series of unique challenges for healthcare payers. But, no matter the situation, payers will need to successfully engage people in their health and wellbeing in order to achieve their business objectives.

Most healthcare payer resources are spent on managing members who are chronically ill, often leaving a large member population untouched, unmonitored and largely at-risk. By conducting scalable, effective outreach, healthcare payers can manage the health of their entire membership.

A quarter of all wasteful healthcare spending is due to inappropriate use of care, which is commonly caused by people lacking understanding about their conditions or treatment options, or lacking the ability to take ownership of their care. 

Helping an entire member population to better manage chronic conditions or make healthy choices, while ensuring a positive member experience, are tangible ways healthcare payers can improve their financial, quality and performance outcomes, demonstrated through HEDIS ratings, Medicare Star Ratings and others. Emmi® programs can help you engage your entire membership to understand their health and make informed choices about their care.

  • "Emmi delivers messages in standardized, consistent and comprehensive ways and, as a result, they change behaviors - it resonates, it makes sense."
    Michelle Buysee, RN, BSN Director of Case & Disease Management,
    Priority Health

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