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The Affordable Care Act has placed unique challenges upon physicians. With escalating costs, reimbursement pressures and emerging reimbursement models, physicians must deliver cost-efficient and effective care – and it starts with patient engagement.

Engaging people in their health requires explaining what they need to do, why they need to do it and effectively motivating them to take action. However, with already strained resources, physicians aren’t always able to do this effectively or efficiently, especially when it involves engaging patients outside of the clinical setting.

However, physicians can be supported in their efforts to reinforce important information, drive adherence to care plans, motivate preventive action, improve appropriate use of care, and help maintain contact during care transitions. Emmi® multimedia programs and interactive calls help both single- and multi-specialty physician practices engage people in their health and empower them to make healthy choices and take healthy actions. 


  • "Since we've incorporated Emmi into our workflow, we've now been able to more consistently engage our patients with information that they find valuable."
    Jeff Sunshine, MD Chief Medical Information Officer,
    University Hospitals

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