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The new healthcare landscape is making it more important than ever that people become active partners in their care. People are the most powerful but vastly underutilized resource in healthcare, yet they need guidance and tools to be successful. At the same time, providers are often challenged by a lack of time and resources. We exist to help bridge the gap.

Emmi® products help healthcare organizations extend their reach by delivering personalized healthcare information and guidance, gathering patient feedback, providing clinicians with visibility beyond the clinical setting and empowering and inspiring people to take positive action related to their health.  

Our unique approach is rooted in four key principles:

  • Engagement Methodology: We believe effective engagement requires a deep understanding of both the problems our clients are trying to solve and the people involved in the solution.
  • Technology Platform:We believe technology needs to be easy to use, support personalized and dynamic conversation, while also seamlessly integrating into people's lifestyles and workflows of providers. 
  • Ongoing Partnership: We believe that, left to their own devices, clients will not get the full value of their patient engagement investment - so we are responsible for helping them do so. 
  • Outcomes Measurement: We believe it is critical for our clients to understand the value of their investment with Emmi, and we believe it is our responsibility to help them do so.

We're not just another patient engagement vendor. Our tried, tested and proven effective approach delivers real results and tackles today's top industry challenges - and we're ready to start tackling yours.