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How it works

Using our patented technology, the Emmi® product suite helps healthcare organizations engage their populations and improve clinical and financial outcomes by seamlessly integrating with existing systems and workflows, tracking and reporting engagement, and offering unparalleled client service to drive business success.

Multiple Deployment Options: Stand-Alone or Integrate

Our engagement platform has the flexibility to operate independently, or integrate into EMRs, patient or member portals, data analytics or other clinical systems. There is no costly or complicated hardware or software to purchase or install. And, because we understand the importance of enhancing - not disrupting - the workflows of clinical staff, Emmi is designed to ensure an intuitive user experience.

Tracking and Reporting Engagement

Together, our solutions engage people in their health and wellbeing at every point of their healthcare journey. And, as healthcare organizations use Emmi to engage their populations, we track interactions and report key metrics back to the organization. From levels of engagement, to taking preventive action and changing targeted behaviors, Emmi’s tracking and reporting helps healthcare organizations clearly identify how their engagement efforts are contributing to their business objectives. 


Emmi in Action

See how Emmi’s product suite and technology platform work in tandem to ensure the clinical and financial success of healthcare organizations. 

Watch an overview