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Our Approach

With our intimate understanding of people and our expertise in behavioral and educational science and human-centered design, we deliver superior patient engagement through online, interactive multimedia programs and interactive voice response (IVR) calls that help leading healthcare organizations achieve their business objectives.


An Intimate Understanding of People

We understand people. We understand the roots of their behaviors, their healthcare challenges and what can help them improve their health and wellbeing.

Our expertise in behavioral science helps us know what drives human behavior – what triggers poor habits and motivates positive behavior change. And our expertise in educational science helps us know how to communicate in order to inspire people to become active participants in their care.

We empathetically communicate with people in ways they understand and in ways that are helpful – thinking of the person in their entirety, not defining them by their illness or condition. We anticipate concerns and normalize common personal or difficult questions, helping to reduce anxiety and instill confidence in peoples’ abilities to tackle their health challenges.

And, we understand our stakeholders in various healthcare organizations. We know the pressures they are under and the challenges they face, and we know how to build solutions that address those challenges without exhausting their resources or disrupting their workflows.

Expertly-Designed Engagement

Our intimate understanding of people provides the foundation for our expertly-designed solutions. Each solution we build goes through a rigorous content development process, including input from both patients and medical professionals, multiple clinical reviews and adjustments based on medical advances.

Our award-winning solutions use plain, conversational language at appropriate health literacy levels and combine voice, animation and text to address multiple learning styles. Additionally, we design multimedia solutions because they help increase retention of key information, enable better understanding and effectively drive action.  Emmi engages people at times they are ready to learn and in ways they prefer.

We bring simplicity to complex healthcare environments and deliver superior patient engagement for healthcare organizations and the people they serve.

Delivering Real Results

Patient engagement is only helpful if it solves real problems, so every product we design includes the ability to track engagement, document key information and measure progress toward identified objectives – whether clinical or financial or both.

Our technology-based solutions are scalable and easy to prescribe in order to save organizational resources, and we have a dedicated client experience team that consults healthcare organizations on how to meet their patient engagement objectives and helps patients understand the simplicity of using our products to improve their healthcare outcomes.

We hold ourselves accountable for the effectiveness of our solutions, and are confident in our ability to help you with your unique needs.